How to add your business to Angie’s List

Here is a helpful guide into learning to how to add your business to Angie’s List

  • The first thing you are going to want to do it log into
  • The next step you will need to click claim your business

pic 1

  • Once you click on claim your business, try to find your business by typing the name and zip code

pic 2

  • A new window will pop up with a few options to select your company, if you cannot find your company, click add new company

pic 3

  • Fill in the basic business information, as well as selecting which service group your business is and add available categories that fit. Then select continue.

pic 4

  • Set up account access with your basic log in information, don’t forget to click on the check box to agree to the terms then click next submit.

pic 5

  • You have successfully added you business to Angie’s List, you should be receiving and email confirmation and you are free to explore and edit your business page.

pic 6

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