How To Adapt To Google’s Content Updates

To ensure that your site complies with search engines latest standards it is best to keep up to date with changes.  Google’s latest content update emphasizes the importance of providing users with engaging helpful content.  When writing your content you should still be tailoring it to maintain sound SEO principals, but it should also be helpful to humans and their relevant search queries.  Learn how to create better, more authoritative content that complies with Google’s revised helpful content guidelines.

What Is The Helpful Content Update?

Google came out in August to announce their new update to help users connect to more helpful information.  It is the beginning of a broad plan to ensure that see the original, helpful content is written by people, for people.

What does this mean for your site and business?

  • Google will use a site-wide ranking signal to determine if you are using helpful content.
  • AI generated content is considered spam by Google and will use its algorithm to detect it.
  • Content that is made for ad monetization and clicks will not be useful anymore.
  • There will be no manual penalties but you could will lose organic visibility.
  • Detection will become more apparent across large volume, where aggregation becomes a problem.

How to Adapt

Real content comes from expertise.  Developing deeper more satisfying content by surfacing the real difference and the real answers.  Using content strategy outside of SEO data can be more useful than ever.  Discussing pain points with your sales team can assist you with learning exactly what your consumers are trying to solve with a Google search.


So much of marketers is on what to do next.  Instead, we should be focusing on how to better existing content.  Keeping an eye on how your content is preforming, and improving your lowest preforming content. Old content is another aspect that can always be improved later on by comparing it to competitors and finding what is missing.  With new update leveraging unique content and FAQs that cannot be generated by a copywriter will allow your site to stand out on google.

Keep Up To Date With New Google Updates With Boston Web Marketing

In order to have success with your SEO performance it requires a lot of diligent work.  That includes staying up to date on the latest Google search engine algorithms.  Boston Web Marketing can assist you with keeping track of all SEO strategies to ensure that all operations are running smoothly.  Get the leads your business deserves by contacting us directly!

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