How to Achieve LinkedIn Marketing Success

Let’s be honest now: how many people have logged into their LinkedIn account in the past week? Past month? Okay, how about the past year? In the myriad of social media sites these days, LinkedIn is probably the least of our priorities in terms of keeping people updated.

However, there are still over 433 million users — and that number alone tells us that it’s an important marketing tool. Here’s how to make the most of LinkedIn.

  1. Choose a Professional Photograph. No, don’t pick that photo of you at a bar, or of you and your friends. Instead, choose a professional photograph that’s up to date. Many colleges these days will offer their graduating seniors with professional profile photographs students can use for job hunting and the interviewing process. Make sure it’s genuine — and don’t forget to smile!
  2. Perfect Your Profile Headline. After your personal photo and your cover photo, the headline is the first thing other LinkedIn users see. Like all other social media sites, LinkedIn serves as a search engine of sorts, so be sure to include lots of keywords associated to what you do or are interested in.
  3. Brag About Experience. We don’t mean your experience on spring break that one time. Instead, anything you’ve done that’s related to the career or job you want to focus on should be present in the list of job experiences. Note that it isn’t all about your current job or your position! Be sure to add any awards, certifications or organizations you’re a part of.
  4. Include Visual Content When Applicable. For those in a more visual industry such as digital marketing, be sure to include a portfolio of sorts. Display your best work for all to see because, after all, you spent long hours on these projects! Stick in those pamphlet designs, the website layouts — anything relevant.
  5. Establish A Company Page. If you own a business with a LinkedIn page, you want to make sure everyone is aware of your brand in your target market. To do this, have engaging content on your company page. One of the most successful ways to grow your network is by engaging in your existing followers. Post engaging articles or tidbits of industry information and ask for feedback — anything that will get people talking and connecting with your brand.

It’s hard to keep up with all social media platforms these days, so if you find yourself overwhelmed, it’s worth investing in an SEO or Internet Marketing company to manage your LinkedIn and other social media profiles for you. Companies such as Boston Web Marketing can routinely post information and manage your online reputation. For more information, contact us!

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