How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO

We’re all familiar with common social media trends nowadays, whether it be a TikTok dance or sound, a contest, or a recipe. Trends like these are a great way to spread awareness and better your social following. They’re catchy, fun, and make everyone want to hop on board to try it themselves!  But did you know that these trends can actually influence your SEO? Read on to learn why and see how you can enhance your SEO with these trends today!

Today’s popular social media trends allow businesses to engage with their consumers. Having engagement with your audience is huge and can help boost traffic to your website and sales. By creating social media and content with today’s popular trends, you are able to engage with your audience and show them you are aware of what is “cool” or popular. TikTok is great for audience engagement and marketing because not only does paid content get out to users but so does organic. This makes it very easy for not only established and well-known businesses, but new ones as well to get their content and name out there.

How To Enhance Your SEO With Social Media Trends


Recreate trending content

Taking a trending conversation and recreating it with your own business is a great way to hop in on the fun. By putting your own spin on it and posting it on your own social media, you allow for engagement of people all over the world who are familiar with this trend. It’s also good to get your product or service out there by doing it in an interesting and entertaining way for consumers. If you’re looking to see what trends are hot right now, you can go on the TikTok app under the discovery tab and see all the trending hashtags and audio.

Create relevant content outside social media

Social media is great and is definitely a powerful tool for marketing. But it is equally as important to have strong and supporting content on your site. Optimizing your keywords into website content is powerful in generating traffic to your website. Not only will people find these trends on social media, but they also search for them on the internet. Including the trending contests or recipes in your header tags or blogs will generate many searches for your site. 

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