How Should You Use Newsletters & Social Media During COVID19 Outbreak

We are a few weeks into March, and COVID19 has completely changed how millions of businesses do business. With the shut down of restaurants, regulations for gatherings, and even shelter in place protocols in effect, American businesses are seeing a steep decline in sales. During this time, it has left many restaurants, retail locations, and other businesses that need physical space to consider how to retain their consumer base. Understanding how to use unique calls to action as well as how to respond to COVID19 is vital in surviving this economically hard time. Another important tool to consider is how you communicate with your existing customers.

How Should You Use Social Media During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Right now there is nothing as valuable as a dedicated customer. If you have a strong consumer base that follows your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other accounts, now is a vital time to utilize these tools. But first, let’s talk about what not to do. Most consumers are being bombarded by messaging on COVID19. Everyday consumers are seeing twice as many robotic newsletters and social postings about COVID19 and every business’s response. When social media and newsletters are flooded, the engagement rate, open rate, and click rate drop fast. What you should focus on is generating media that is unique to your business. Posts should focus on whether or not you updating or changing any of your services or hours? At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a high value in posting about sanitation methods. There are too many of these posts. You can add this information to a post on your services. If you aren’t altering your hours or services, that is still a valuable piece of information. Consumers need to know who is open, when they are open, and how they can continue to do business.

How Should You Use Newsletters During This Pandemic

Similar to social media, there are too many newsletters with almost identical information. At this point, we should not see any more newsletters explaining what COVID19 is from a business that isn’t healthcare-related. Focus on your business. Consider sales and promotions or services that might work well in this time period. If you are a carpet cleaner, offer cleaning and sanitization services. If you are an electrician, offer to help set up a home office space with ethernet jacks. If you are a restaurant, stress your gift cards and takeout number. The most important thing you can do is identify how your business works best in this environment and then share that via a newsletter.

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