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How Should I Structure My Local SEO Strategy?

When it comes to improving your site’s SEO, there are a couple of different ways to think about it. You want to optimize your site in order to sell your products, or services, on a national scale. However, no company expands to national levels of exposure without first doing something right locally. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve your business’s local SEO strategy, keep reading below for more information!

Google My Business

We can’t talk about local SEO without mentioning GMB. Google My Business, or GMB, is perhaps the most important business listing on the internet. It functions is the most visible listing on the internet, providing searchers with a great deal of important information about your business, including your business hours, location, photos of your work, phone number and address, and much more!

If that wasn’t enough to make sure you optimize your listing, Google accounts for the vast majority of all web traffic, with 86% of all desktop searches and 95% of mobile. This means if you don’t have your GMB profile built out, you could be missing out on valuable traffic and exposure.

Lastly, its important to note that while historically, the proximity of location has played a major role in which GMB profiles are shown in Google’s Local Three-Pack on any given search, in 2020 optimizers have seen that proximity has fallen to third in order of importance, having been surpassed by both reviews and on-page optimization. If you want to maximize the benefit of your GMB profile, be sure to update it regularly and ask customers to leave you reviews.


Another factor that can make a major impact on local SEO is citations. One of the most important ranking factors for websites is backlinks, and citations offer you an easy avenue to accumulate a lot of backlinks. While there are national citations you should set-up, like GMB, Bing & Yelp, most cities also have local directories where you can list your business on a local basis!


Another incredibly important piece of any successful local SEO campaign is a well-designed content strategy. Optimizers know how essential it is to constantly generate new content for the website in order to send signals to Google that the site is being updated and optimized.

However, when you’re creating content to improve your SEO, it is important to generate the right kinds of content. If you’re trying to improve your SEO locally, the best content strategy you can employ is creating service area pages. These pages offer you a chance to rank within specific cities for the keywords your business is trying to be found for. While search real estate can be highly competitive in metropolitan markets, breaking onto the first page of suburban towns can be far easier, which means if you’re trying to be found on a local scale, you should employ a service area page strategy that helps improve your search visibility in the areas you want to be found in!

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