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How SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand

Your website’s design and SEO are both incredibly important parts of your website. They need to work in conjunction instead of against each other to be successful. A beautiful and intuitive website is no good if no one can find it on a search engine. The same goes for strong SEO with poor design, which will likely lead to low conversion rates on your website. SEO and your website’s design must work together in harmony to create a quality experience for users.

Mobile Experience

In 2020, smartphones and other mobile devices are responsible for more than half of the traffic on the web. So your website must be mobile-friendly so that you don’t miss out on this huge potential audience. Back in 2015, Google began to measure mobile-friendliness and take it into account as a ranking factor. Depending on the industry your business is in, your traffic may be even more skewed towards mobile. Make sure that your pages and posts are optimized on mobile and build a new website prioritizing mobile-first if you don’t have one already.

Site Speed

There aren’t many things more detouring to website visitors than a slow website. Your website should load pretty much instantly, or users may think that your website is unsafe or not trustworthy. Usually, when a website is slow, it has to do with too many plugins and design flaws. Makes sure that you optimize images on your website and enable caching; these small steps can improve your website’s speed. 

High-Quality Content

Site structure is a part of website content that is overlooked by some. When Google and Bing can clearly read your site’s structure, it makes it easier for them to identify keywords. Writing blog posts and pages show that your website is active and makes it so that your website is crawled more often by search engines. You want to answer the questions that users ask related to your products or services and then have that content formatted adequately with headings, paragraphs, and key information highlighted. This helps improve the experience for both users and helps search engines work through your site more efficiently, resulting in better rankings. 

User Friendly

The more digestible your content is, the more likely it is that you’ll see positive rankings. It keeps users on the page engaged prevents them from clicking away from your website in frustration. This means intuitive menus, appropriate hyperlinks, hi-res (optimized) images. It can be a challenge to get visitors to your website, so make sure you’re prepared to keep them once they’re there. Include essential links in your footer, header, and submit a sitemap to Google. Taking these steps to improve your website all around, you’re killing two birds with one stone when you focus on creating engaging content in a concise structure.

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