How Search Compatible is Your Website?

With Christmas on the way, companies and brands focused on website exposure should be thankful for the latest Google and Bing desktop search activity for the month of October 2012.  Both search engines saw a generous increase in overall desktop searches compared to the month of September.  In a day and age where we are becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones and tablets, some websites have felt a hit in the number of people who are actually visiting their sites, since they may not be compatible with these devises.  If your site is only visible when using a desktop computer, you are likely to be limiting the number of potential viewers and maybe even potential new customers.  Hopefully these numbers will continue to increase, but what is certainly important and beneficial to you and your website is to make sure that it is compatible with computers, smartphones, iPads and any other device that an internet user may be searching the web with.   When hoping to increase your SEO success, you want to make sure you execute strategies for exposure in all avenues of the online world.

-Casey Guntlow


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