How Schema Markup is Useful

Although schema and other structured markup formats have been around for several years, many sites still do not take advantage of this handy tool. Just like adding fresh content to your site, using keywords, and other best practices for SEO… You should be doing it! Maybe you haven’t looked into it because it sounds a bit intimidating, but it is actually quite simple to implement. Here we will take a deeper dive into what exactly schema markup is, and why it is beneficial for your site.

By definition, schema is structured data or a code that is put on your website to help search engines return more informative results to the user. So in other words, it allows you to tell the search engine what your site is all about, so they can display relevant results to the user.

How Schema Markup can be Used:

  • It allows businesses to clarify all of their business details. For example, location, how to contact them, business hours, business type and what they sell, payment types accepted, social media accounts, blogs, founders, etc.
  • A markup can be used to promote events directly in the search engines. You can have your business pop up in the SERPS with information about the event, venue, performer, dates, and tickets.
  • For e-commerce sites, you can advertise certain products with their prices, product availability, ratings and reviews, etc. Schema markups on products have been proven to significantly increase traffic and click-through-rates.

Benefits of Schema Markup:

  • For SEO: Including schema on your site helps search engine crawlers understand the content of your pages more effectively, it, in turn, can increase your visibility in the SERPs. However, it doesn’t mean that schema markup is necessarily the magic potion that will boost you immediately to the top spot. Rather, you should think of it as another piece to the puzzle that
  • For Users: Schema markup is essentially to make your page more attracting for a user to click. It makes your site stand out above others in some sort of way. It may give the user more information, or some sort of call to action that will generate a click to your site.

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