How PR and SEO Work Together

Google started to place more importance on the quality of the content, relevant content and premium sites linking back to your site. Therefore, to appear high in Google’s results pages, you have to write and share high-quality and engaging content and get links from reputable websites. However, if you work in public relations, this should be something you’re already familiar with. PR professionals target larger publications with great content linking to your site. These days, quality links and content has become the glue which binds SEO and PR together.

These days, public relations and search engine optimization are blending their abilities and working collectively on joint tasks. There are several specific activities which public relations teams may get involved in which may increase sales if search engine optimization aims are blended, and vice versa.

Here are just a few examples of joint activities:

  • Blogging
  • PR Stunts
  • Events

PR and SEO now go hand in hand. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and a multitude of others are extremely important ways to gain incoming links which are based upon organic interest in your website. Links from prominent publications, of course, still are gold; however, it is a lot simpler to grow relationships with bloggers and additional social media users who have engaged, substantial readerships which make them a precious link to go after. Search engine optimization public and relations are basically one and same now, utilize this knowledge to locate better links back to your site.

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