How personal will Google get?

Google continues its march toward world domination: I mean product integration. There is new news to report regarding your Gmail accounts. With the huge adoption of social media by internet users, people are finding information in lots of different ways now.  Google wants to make sure it’s on top of things.

Google plans to search through your Gmail content to make sure that your search experience is as personalized as possible. For example, you decide to do some online shopping for a new recliner.  In addition to your regular search results, Google will pull info from your own Gmail account that may be relevant to the search.  Those results would be displayed on a different part of the page as an adjunct to the regular search results.  You may type reclining chair into your search box and if you had previously received an email from Overstock about chairs, don’t be surprised if that pops up as well.

This enhancement is in pilot mode right now and currently those results would display in a collapsed view for privacy reasons.

Eventually, Google may allow other email providers to opt into this enhancement.  The goal is to provide one stop for all your search needs with access to as much information as possible to quickly answer your question or send you in the right direction.  This is just another step in Google’s goal of personalizing all your services like the recent Gmail/Google+ pages linkage.

What could this mean for online marketing?  Keep those client contact lists up to date!  You never know if one of your targeted emails could ultimately send a prospect in your direction much after the fact.  Especially from those folks who rarely cleanout their mailboxes!

-Don MacMelville

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