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How Personal Branding can be used as your SEO Advantage

Why is Personal Branding so important for SEO.  While Organizational and Corporate Branding is a plan of action used similarly. Personal Branding qualifies for an individual. Many SEO experts most times will represent a business as one entity and provide SEO efforts in that matter. When you have one person to create personal branding for the strategy used can be a huge powerhouse for your business or how you represent what you do as an individual.


 Build your Niche – Become an Expert in the Field

Become an expert for your personal brand to gain an audience following. This is done by becoming a guru in the specific field you want to focus on. For example, if your niche is surrounding technology and the latest gadgets, making sure you stay on top of everything new in the technology field makes your personal brand more appealing because your audience will not only go on your site for the content about the field you are focused on but also because they want to know what you have to say. Your voice is what appeals to them. Now the question becomes how do you grow this audience

 Syndicate your Content 

 When creating a personal branding strategy especially for the first time it is important to have popular sites mention and link back to your site. This is what syndicating your content means. This is your chance to get noticed and bring traffic back to your site  The more you get noticed the better it will only increase your audience following.

Gain Your Audience’s Trust

One thing that you can have guaranteed when creating a personal branding strategy is that once you create an audience following, the only way you can go is up. Once you’ve created this your followers will support and advocate for your brand. Look at this as having ambassadors for your very own personal branding. These people watch what you do, stay up to date on all of the content you publish and will go to all of your events. So how do you gain such a following ? The answer is simple gaining your audience’s trust. In this day and age, people have become more attracted to a brand with a personality. The more personal the better, people like the sense of connection and supporting a brand or service they believe in hence why they will follow you. The benefits are plentiful when building a personal branding strategy that works. It is all about creating a brand that is unique and segmented

The benefits are plentiful when building a personal branding strategy that works. It is all about creating a brand that is unique and segmented towards an audience you know will engage with your brand based on their preferences. It is important to engage with your users regularly and not fall behind on content and keeping your users up to date with anything going on with your brand.


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