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How Often Do I Need to Track My SEO Performance?

Without structure, SEO can take a lot of time and resources without generating much return on investment. Starting, finishing, and staying on track with strategically and tactically prioritized elements that can have a real impact can be challenging. So how often do I need to track how my SEO is performing? These weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks will keep you on track. Please continue reading to learn more.

What Should I Check on a Weekly Basis?

Staying Informed

Maintenance or ongoing management plan must include staying on top of industry news, from keeping track of SEO best practices and breaking news from reputable sources to getting mission-critical alerts and updates from search engines. In particular, brands or companies that rely on ecommerce transactions or lead volume to feed their sales teams should monitor SEO performance metrics in real-time or at least once per week.

Analyzing Metrics

To recognize any red flags, knowing how your website performs in search is critical. Among them are:

  • Positioning that drops, either expressly or aggregately.
  • A reduction in organic traffic.
  • The volume of sales or leads decreases.

The key to solving problems quickly is recognizing them as soon as they occur.

Having a Solid Plan

An SEO campaign or plan must have a clear goal, strategy, and specific tactics. It is essential to include specific tasks, milestones, and achievable actions in the weekly process.

What Are the Monthly Metrics I Should Look For?

Reporting Data

A typical monthly performance report shows year-over-year comparisons. 

Work Completed

An opportunity here is to evaluate tactics and execution from the previous month against the plan.

  • Are all tasks complete?
  • Did anything differ from the set expectations?
  • How did you overcome obstacles or roadblocks?

Plans Moving Forward

Monthly intervals are effective for making sure tasks are completed. You can adjust the plan to recalibrate the strategy by doubling down on a specific tactic or changing the overall strategy.

Are There Any Quarterly SEO Maintenance Needs?

Technical Issues Auditing

It is essential to take a broader look through a quarterly audit after covering technical issues during the beginning of your SEO focus. Additionally, site speed, mobile usability, validation of structured data, and other aspects often overlooked are compared to benchmarks and standards.

Local Listings Audit

As soon as local listings management goes into maintenance mode, NAP (name, address, phone) data changes won’t be as frequent, or inconsistencies in listing data won’t be as noticeable. As well as identifying issues that can be addressed on a one-off basis, the audit can also point out any changes that need to be made to the content, reviews, and other aspects of the listings themselves beyond the primary NAP data. Data from Google Business Profiles can be overwritten with inaccurate listing information if any third-party data sources or listings are missed.

How Can I Learn More Today?

To learn more about how you can improve, expand, and enhance your SEO performance, our team at Boston Web Marketing is well equipped to guide you. We will provide you with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly updates to ensure that your website is optimized and performing to the best of its ability. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today by calling (857) 526-0096 or emailing

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