How Often Should I Revise My SEO Content?

The work you put into your website’s SEO plays a large factor into potentially ranking highly on search engine result pages. One common mistake in SEO is once one completes SEO content work, they never go back to revise the content. Not making tweaks and revisions to your website’s content can affect your standing with search engine rankings because trends and algorithms update and change. Here we will explain how often you should revise your content and what to look for.

Revision Frequency

It is recommended that you revisit and revise your website’s SEO content every three to six months. In a three to six months window, enough time has gone by for your SEO content to have made an impression on search engine crawlers and website users. Whether the impression your content has made is good, bad or needs improvement, it is important to use the data collected on your content and make changes. Revisions to a good SEO post can make it even more popular, while revisions to a SEO post fairing poorly can help it rise up in the rankings.

Gaining Trust

Search Engine Pages are not humans but they are extremely intelligent. The more work you put in and the more appealing you make your content, the better chances it ranks as high as you would like on a search engine page. Establishing credibility is important with a search engine like Google and updating old content is one way to tell Google your website is trustworthy.

How Do I Know How My SEO Content is doing?

Tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics are a great way to measure how well your content is holding up. Google Search Console allows you to monitor the presence of your website in regard to search rankings. By using Google Search Console, you can see which keywords are fairing well in your respective industry and then incorporate them in your blogs if you have not done so already. Adding any internal links to old blog posts that lack internal links is also essential.

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