How Often Should I Post to Social Media?

The question of how often to post on social media is on that comes up a lot, especially when coming up with a marketing strategy for your social media platforms. Debating on where you look, you are going to get a slue of different answers to how often you should be posting each day, but it’s important to keep your industry and your followers in mind. The end goal is to create both engagement and traffic to your website, while promoting your brand.

How Often to Post by Social Media Platform

A good rule of thumb is to tweet 3-5 times per day to ensure that a good percentage of your followers see your tweets on their feed, especially when they are following hundreds of other accounts. Twitter will not penalize you for posting more or less than this, but if you’re tweeting over twenty times per day, your followers could become annoyed and unfollow you.
Facebook isn’t used as actively by users compared to Twitter, but posting on the platform daily is still important. For pages with over 10,000 followers, posting 2-3 times per day is adequate and if you have under 10,000, aim for 1 post per day.
Instagram has had numerous algorithm changes over the last few months, which has made a lot of users very frustrated and has limited the engagement they receive on posts. The key to getting passed these algorithm changes is to post quality content that you are proud of and post engaging captions on your photos to help engage your followers. With that being said, the ideal amount of times to post a day is 1-2 times, but posting less often won’t hurt you if you’re posting your best content.
The social media platform isn’t for all industries and has a large female audience, so it’s important to keep in mind those industries (fashion, food, beauty, weddings, etc.) in order to gain traction with and drive traffic to your website. If you choose to use the platform, pinning up to ten times per day is ideal.
Used for business and networking purposes, by posting once daily throughout the work week, you can reach up to three quarters of your network each month. Like Pinterest, many articles and stories published to the platform are within a certain industry and it’s important to make sure if you’re business will benefit from it.

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