How Often Should A Business Post on Social Media

As a business, you are probably looking for every opportunity possible to increase awareness, interaction, and sales. Some of these resources include social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and other social media websites all have options for businesses to create their own accounts and share their wares. But that leads to a set of important questions; how often should you be posting, how to post engaging posts, and how to avoid different pratfalls. Here is our guide on social media best practices.

How Often Should You Post On Social Media

As a business, you always want to strike a balance between over and under-posting on social media. An extremely common mistake made by businesses is over-saturation. Let’s talk about social media algorithms. When a user logs into Facebook or another social channel they rarely see posts organized by the order they were posted. Similar to Google or Bing posts are listed in the order of relevancy. Posts from family and friends are generally more relevant than from businesses. Following that logic, it can be very difficult to get your business post in front of your followers. This leads some businesses to overposting.

The Danger of Overposting on Social Media

Overposting can actually hurt you in the algorithm. If a follower of your page doesn’t interact with posts multiple times in a row they may stop seeing your posts in their feed. It makes sense, most social channels sell ad space to businesses, so there is an incentive for the social media company to not make organic posts rank high. Unlike Google, where users are looking for businesses, users on social media are rarely looking for ads, so there is little incentive to rank your business’ post highly. This is why so many businesses have thousands of followers but the reach of their posts is only in the hundreds. Over time they lose their audience.

The Danger of Irrelevant Posts on Social Media

As stated above, if your followers aren’t interacting with your posts, it is likely they will stop seeing them all together. To avoid this, you need to avoid irrelevant posts. This is where you need to find a balance. You should not post things that are extremely unrelated to your business, nor should you only post about your products. Think about what posts would be valuable to you. Sales, changes to hours or services, new products, and interactive content are all helpful. A great way to organically retain your following is to run social media sweepstakes. Polls, sweepstakes, and other interactive media have a higher engagement rate than simply posting links to your website or listing your services.

The Danger of Cross-Posting

Another common issue with some businesses is cross-posting, or posting the same content on all social channels. Many companies question why they have a strong following on one channel like Facebook but a weak following on another like Instagram. Often the issue is that the same content is posting across the board. Although it can be advantageous to post updates everywhere at once, if you want to cultivate audiences on multiple channels, variety is important. Exclusive content for different channels will encourage followers to follow all of your social media instead of just some of them. Of course, for some businesses they do not care about having large audiences in each specific platform but care about one general audience size. If this is the case, social media does not need to vary platform to platform.

In Conclusion

Social media can be a helpful tool for increasing business, keeping your audience informed, and also building a community around your brand. The best way to organically build your following and more importantly keep your following is to avoid overposting, cross-posting, and irrelevant posts. For help with social media, contact Boston Web Marketing. Our team of digital experts can help cultivate a social following for your brand.

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