How Often Does Google Update Its Algorithm?

If you are at all involved with digital marketing or operating a website, it is almost guaranteed you hear about the almighty ‘algorithm’. This is Google’s way to ensure that the page you want to find is the one that appears when you search. Due to the nature of the internet, the potential money to be made and new content generated, the algorithm needs to be updated. The questions is, how often? Industry-leading resource,, recently released an article on the subject and we wanted to write a quick blog regarding how often the changes are made!

Why Algorithms Need to be Updated

As briefly described in the opening paragraph, due to the ever-changing landscape of the internet, Google’s algorithm needs to be updated regularity. Google is in a constant battle with users implementing “black-hat SEO tactics”. These are tactics that try and use Google Best Practices in order to scam or manipulate search results. In the early days of the internet, an example of Black Hat SEO would be keyword stuffing, or an un-secure site designed to implement a virus on your computer.

In addition to edits being made to punish Black Hat SEO’s, Google wants to do its part to reward those who are doing the right thing. The right things including adding purposeful, engaging, and original content designed to provide an answer. This is how Google continues to be at the forefront of Search Engines by providing users the answers they are looking for on the first page in their results.

Google Products

In addition to good old search results, Google has a variety of products that all require updates in order for Google to work as a whole. The number of edits performed to the algorithm includes those made within Google My Business, Google ads, and even Gmail. If you tuned into our blog last week, Google My Business created an update by providing listings the ability to provide a @shortname. This resulted in a bug, which resulted in it being taken down, then re-implemented days later. That’s 3 changes right there!

So, How Many Edits Does Google Make a Year?

It was reported that Google made 3200 edits last year to its algorithm! This is why as a webmaster, daily work on your website is important. To continually implementing Google’ SEO best practices to reading up on current and upcoming algorithm changes, these algorithm changes can directly impact traffic which in turn impacts inbound leads.

Boston Web Marketing: A Google Partner

As a business owner, it would be impossible to effectively operate your business and keep up to date with all these changes. If you need your site to bring in more leads for your business, call the SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing today! We help a business of all industry type make an impact on the web and grow!

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