How Newsletters can Supplement Your Events

Newsletters can be an excellent tool for helping to keep your customers or clients updated on what’s happening with your business. They’re more important to some businesses than others, but most organizations should be sending some type of newsletter out at least a couple of times a year. It’s especially important if you’re involved with event promotion and gathering feedback from attendees. Let’s dive into the role newsletters can play in your marketing strategy. 

What to Avoid in Your Newsletters

If you’re in charge of email communications in your organization, one of the most key things to remember is to not be spammy to your email lists. No one likes to be bombarded with irrelevant emails from a brand. When you decide to craft a newsletter or any email for that matter, make sure there is clear intent and focus behind it. This isn’t a situation where you can cover all of the bases. Focus on one event or topic and include ways for your readers to learn more or book their place at the next event. 

Create Buzz for Your Event

An important part of any marketing initiative is the customer’s journey or experience. It’s great to create a stunning newsletter, but if you’ve got nowhere for the user to navigate to from there, it won’t provide much benefit for either party. Create special pages for your event with relevant information, photos of previous events, etc. This can help you track the performance of your newsletter and the event overall. With clear next steps for the users, it’ll help them get more excited for the event to finally get here. Again, you don’t want to spam your users, so be thoughtful with the timing of newsletter sends.

Get Creative

When it comes to email, headlines are one of the strongest opportunities that you have to capture the attention of readers. Make sure this is short, sweet and intriguing to stick out in crowded inboxes. For events, including a schedule is critical for newsletters so that they know what to expect. Take your time and invest in a well-designed schedule that fits with your brand. If the event is virtual, make sure that any sign-on steps are clear and easy to find. With your newsletter, you want to maximize content from previous events while providing info about the coming event. You’ll also want to reach out to attendees afterward to learn about improving future events. 

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