How Multimedia On Your Website Can Improve It’s Analytics

One of the biggest challenges of creating an SEO strategy for your website is figuring out how to retain your audience’s attention. Sure, it’s one thing to get attraction to your website, but keeping it long enough to get a conversion is a completely different ballgame. If your website has a lack of it, adding engaging multimedia content can help to bring audience retention over the hump. But, how exactly can multimedia content accomplish that? We break it down for you below!

Improving User Experience

As we get further into 2022 and beyond, the user experience on your website becomes all the more important. In fact, it’s also a ranking factor! Google’s algorithm is made up of many parts, and one of these parts is an algorithm called RankBrain. RankBrain is centered around the user experience, and much of that is tied to the content present on your website. If you add content like pictures and videos to your website, it gives the user more opportunities to engage with it. Thus, the user experience is improved and your chances of ranking high increase!

Increases Session Duration

By improving the user experience with multimedia content, there are other positive side effects that branch from this change. This applies especially to video content! Video content should be engaging and aim to educate people on something they weren’t aware of. When they’re watching these videos, they’ll be spending more time on your website! This plays a big part in retaining your audience, so the more time you can get them to spend on the website, the better off you’ll be.

They Help Your Website Show Up In Snippets

Multimedia isn’t just exclusive to video and pictures! There are other types of multimedia that help your website to appear on the rich snippets that litter Google’s search result pages. One of the biggest examples of this is the FAQ schema. You can place this code on your frequently asked questions page to make it eligible to appear in knowledge graphs on a search engine results page. Knowledge graphs appear before most other search results, which can be hugely beneficial for increasing traffic!

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