What Percentage of Your Website Traffic Should Come from Organic Search?

Breaking Down Your Website Traffic Data

Creating a marketing plan to grow your business’ online presence can be overwhelming. Knowing exactly what to prioritize and where to start is a difficult task, especially if you’re just trying to get your business off the ground. If you’re looking at your analytics accounts and scratching your head wondering how to interpret whether your website is performing well, keep reading. If you’re in search of professional marketing help, Boston Web Marketing can help you take your business to the next level. Get started today by filling out a contact form or giving us a call at 857-526-0096

What is Organic Search?

Organic search refers to the traffic that comes to your website from organic search results on search engines. Measuring your organic search traffic is a great way to grasp how well your website is performing in search engine results. Organic search engine results are unpaid, meaning that they are ranked based on the quality of your website and the content that you’re producing. Understanding how to rank well organically is critical to ensuring that you’re successfully reaching your target audience. 

Organic search can be measured very easily. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a great free tool that allows you to track website traffic. Not only does it identify the source of traffic, but it can also tell you other vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) about your website to help you measure your success. 

Other Methods of Website Traffic 

Organic search performance is certainly a vital aspect of your website’s traffic. There are also other ways that customers may be accessing your website that you also should be paying attention to. This includes organic social media, paid search, paid social media, just to name a few. 

Determining what sources of website traffic you will track will vary. Factors such as what industry your business is part of, who your target audience is and what products or services you offer will all impact what sources of traffic you will focus on. If you need help determining exactly which website traffic sources you should be prioritizing, contact Boston Web Marketing for expert marketing help. 

How Much of Your Website Traffic Should be Organic?

Regardless of what traffic sources your business is using to generate sales, organic traffic should always be the largest contributor to your website traffic. There is no golden number for what percentage of your traffic organic search should make up of your total website traffic, but generally speaking it should produce at least half of your overall website traffic each month. This being said, website traffic can vary month by month. 

There are various ways that you can target organic traffic. The most obvious way is to ensure that your website is ranking well on search engines. Although that may sound simple, in practice there are many steps and skills required to ensure that your website ranks on the first page of search engine results. Having an optimized website, using the correct keywords and creating valuable content are all critical factors to ensure that your website has high authority. 

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If you’re wondering how to evaluate your website’s success, looking at your website’s traffic sources can provide a lot of insight. Analyzing the data available to you can be tricky. That’s why  Boston Web Marketing is a great resource if you’re looking to improve your website’s online presence. Boston Web Marketing’s expert team has experience helping businesses in all industries and of all sizes grow! To get started, contact us today by calling 857-526-0096

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