How Much Has Google Cracked Down on Spam Sites?

We often see that Google does its best to make sure that websites are not spammy and that the user has the best experience. While this is true, there are still a few sites that fall through the cracks. While last year this number was at 9 million users reaching spam sites via a search, the number this year has reduced to 6 million, meaning that there was a 3 million user decrease being directed to a spam site. While this may seem like a massive difference, with the number of people searching every single day, we find that this number has just fluctuated from 1% to slightly under 1%.

What’s the Difference?

This difference, while seemingly small from a percentage standpoint, is actually important because more customers will be happier with their searches via Google, and from a user experience standpoint, this is crucial. Let’s take a look at some of the other things we have learned from Google recently.

What Has Google Been Working On This Year?

  • Based on the information above, we know that less than 1% of the sites visited from Google search results were spammy. While Google says that this has been the case for many years, we have seen significant drops year over year and soon they will be able to figure this out to a T.
  • Google has cracked down on hacked sites. These have shown up 80% less in search results and will be an important thing to note moving forward.
  • There were 90,000 reports coming from users that were regarding spam, and while there were more reports than these, this is the number of reports that were acted on in the past year, meaning that Google is really trying to play more towards the user.
  • Google has truly worked towards removing unnatural links so that users are happier than ever before.

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