How Much Engagement Does My Google Local Listing Receive?

One question we always seem to hear is, “How do we know if our Google Local listing is getting action?” With Google overhauling their My Business management dashboard, we now have the ability to view this helpful and important information. To view this, access your Google Plus page the same way you always do. The only difference is that once you reach the dashboard, it will look a little bit different. Once you have reached this spot, click on “Insights” which is listed on the top menu.

The Insights page shares information on how users have interacted with their verified business on Google. You can specifically see the total number of clicks your listing receives and how each click breaks down. Local Business clicks can include clicks to your website, clicks for driving directions and phone call clicks.


Google My Business

An incomplete or unverified Google My Business page can be detrimental to a business. With Google only including three businesses in their local pack of organic search results, it is more important than ever to outshine your competition here. If you are unsure if your local listing is getting any traffic, you will now know the answer.

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