How Much Does SEO Cost?

More and more companies are adding SEO to their marketing mix. As the world becomes digital and more and more millennials find companies through search engines, the need to manage your online presence has increased. This has, in turn, made the online market more competitive, and even more expensive. However, some small companies do not have enough experience in SEO to know how much it should cost, and what should be included in that cost. More traditional marketing segments have clearer price tags and are easier to understand. Everyone knows what tv spots, radio ads, billboards, and signage looks like. That is why print campaign prices are relatively easy to understand because they are clearly based off of copywriting, media costs, and material overhead. But what is included in SEO, and what makes good SEO versus poor SEO?

What Should You Expect When Hiring For SEO

Good SEO is made up of a wide collection of services that affect how Google and other search engines rank your website. Generally, SEO services can be broken into a few major categories; content writing/publishing, website maintenance, keyword research, & listing campaigns to name a few. Part of the benefit of hiring an SEO firm or freelancer is getting a uniquely tailored strategy for your business. This strategy should capitalize on your existing content while also finding missing or lacking areas. Generally, it is best to hire a freelancer if you are only looking for content creation (Blogs and social media). If you are looking for all-encompassing SEO work (link building & website maintenance), you should hire an SEO agency. Website development and maintenance should be done under contract to ensure that your website is protected legally. It can be problematic to give access to your entire website to a freelancer. Although agencies are more expensive than freelancers, agencies provide more experience and more services.

So How Much Does Good SEO Cost?

One of the benefits of SEO over traditional print marketing is that many variables are trackable. If you work with an SEO agency, it is important that they treat you like a partner and not a commodity. What makes a good SEO company is that they constantly communicate with their clients and are often reporting. These reports should cover improvements to keyword ranking, conversions, and organic traffic. If you hire an agency for your SEO work their prices will depend on your industry as well as how many services they will need to provide. The benefit of working with an agency is that they can offer a monthly rate that is much less expensive than having a full-time employee at your company that manages social media, blogging, and website development. More importantly, SEO agencies have experience and portfolios of work that proves that their content and development strategies are proven to increase conversions and website traffic over time.

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