How much content do you need for service area or additional location pages?

Yesterday, in an interview with Matt Cutts, Eric Enge of Stone Template was able to discover what kind of content and how much content should be on a service area page or a page for an additional location. An example of this would be a gym that has multiple locations

Matt Cutts noted that:

“It is still not a good idea to repeat a ton of content over and over again”


“In addition to address and contact information, 2 or 3 sentences about what is unique to that location and they should be fine”

This info further supports that high quality, unique and relevant content can help your site to perform better in searches. Often times you will see landing pages for service areas loaded with large paragraphs of irrelevant content. Cutts has made clear that you do not need more content on a page, just relevant and concise content that is accurate and truly represents what the page contains.

Why is this Important?

Landing pages for service areas and additional locations are a great way to expand where you are being found outside of the city/town your business is located. With landing pages you can take advantage of URL optimization with pages containing the city/town name in addition to the specific services that you offer.

By Jeffrey Pucko


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