How Many Hashtags Should I Add To My Social Media Post?

When it comes to social media, the hashtag is a well-known symbol. Hashtags can be used to expand the reach of your posts, focus on trending topics, target local customers, and improve the visibility of your posts. But how many hashtags are too much? And what is the sweet spot number of hashtags on your post? These are two commonly asked questions about hashtags; the answer may be less than you would think. According to most marketing and social media experts, 3-5 hashtags are great to use per post.

This range relates to posts on Instagram, and it may differ for Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms. You may be wondering why only 3-5, especially when you see other businesses or individuals posting with a list of hashtags on their posts. Many hashtags in a post may come off as spammy or looking for attention. If you are trying to reach new audiences and want to add more than five hashtags in a post, there are ways of doing so. Adding a comment on your Instagram photo will allow you to include a longer list of hashtags without it being on your direct post. You can use up to the 30 permitted hashtags on this comment. You do not need to use all 30, but they are available to add if you are looking to do so. 

How Do You Find the Right Hashtags To Use?

Performing hashtag research for your business, industry, and location is a great way to discover which hashtags are the best for you to use on your social media. Using tools such as Keyword Tool, you can use keywords for SEO and find hashtags for social media, like Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms where hashtags can be used on your business post. Using free and easy tools like this will allow you to discover a list of hashtags you can choose from for your next post. Aside from using a tool, you can also research by browsing local competitors in your industry and see how they post on their own photos. 

Should I Use Hashtags On Every Post?

As a social media poster, it’s up to you to include your hashtags on each post. Hashtags can be used on every post to target a larger audience. Include hashtags throughout your caption or all at the end of the post to keep it clean and easy to read. If you are offering a new product or service, you can use hashtags related to that at the end of the post. If you want to use hashtags for each post, you can use ones that include your name, location, and the services or benefits of those services to target users who may be looking for those. When in doubt, add a few hashtags at the bottom of your post or in the comments to get a reach out there and allow the algorithm to do it’s thing.

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