How Long Does SEO Take?

One of the most common questions we get asked all the time is, “how long will it take until we see results with SEO?” Typically, six months is a reasonable time to see results, and from 6-12 months, you should expect more positive results to come in. SEO is a long-term investment, but your business will not see much improvement in performance and search rankings without the fundamental basics. We understand everyone wants quick results, but everyone would be doing it if it were that simple. SEO has hundreds of factors that play a big part in your website’s success – let’s take a deep dive into the factors you should focus on if you have not already done so.

Website Authority and Age

Although domain age is an important SEO factor, it does not mean it is better optimized than a website that has been around for one year. As long as your website has been around longer than a few months, you should see your website show up in search results. An older website usually has more backlinks that the website deems more trustworthy to search engines. 

Building Links

When done correctly, link building is a tactic often used for SEO success because it communicates to Google and search engines. It has a quality resource worth citation which means sites with more backlinks will rank higher than others. 


Identifying 404 errors, broken links, 301 redirects, and anything else preventing any poor page optimization should be fixed right away. Resolving these issues can show positive search results within weeks. Keep in mind when making changes to update and let Google know what changes/fixes have been made to avoid any penalty.

Keyword Targeting

When was the last time you took the time to understand your webpage’s target keywords? It’s important to understand you are not writing for yourself but your target audience. It requires in-depth research to run up the best keyword opportunity to beat your competitors. A quick tip, competitor analysis should be part of your keyword research because analyzing their keywords can tell you which keywords you should also be targeting (not all, only applicable ones.)

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

We have seen hundreds of websites with missing keywords in their metadata, header, anchor text, alt tags that differentiate the site’s performance. We have written plenty of articles on how to get started to improving your website’s performance. Your off-page optimization does require a bit more time to build and research, such as; blog commenting, guest blogging, citations, and social media optimization for better search results. 

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SEO is not an easy task and can require a lot of patience and time. Every site is different; therefore, it requires different strategies to measure the data and time, but the effort you invest in will surely pay off in the long run. Contact us today to learn more. 


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