How Long Does It Take To See Results From Link Building?

We all want fast results when it comes to link building.  One of the standard questions surrounding link building is how long does it take to see results from their efforts.  It makes sense with the money and time is put into it to see positive results.  Realistically, the answer is that it can take anywhere between three to twelve months to see any changes in your sites visibility.  There are few factors to be considered when it comes to the time and impact link building has on your website.

Some factors that influence the effectiveness of link building:

The Authority of a Site

Domain ranking is a metric that  includes how many backlinks a website has received from a trusted resources.  With that being said the higher the domain ranking usually results in the higher the website trust score.  There is a way to check your domain ranking with site such as Ahrefs, Semrush, MOZ, and Majestic.  Now, the lower your domain ranking is the longer it will take to see change with the links you built to show impact.  This can vary with the niche so every business can be a little different.  For example, if you are in B2B the domain ranking should be no less than 60 while as B2C should be no less than 30.

 Positive and Negative Traffic Trends

Just as simple as it sounds a positive trend will speed up the effects of a link-building campaign, while the negative can hinder the results in the short run.  Google can track the dynamic and give preference to those resources that show stable growth trends.  When a website has a negative traffic trend it will be harder to return to the initial point of growth.  This is due to reasons that impacted the websites relevance and trust score.

The Brands Popularity

One of the bigger factors when it comes to link building is whether a website you are getting a link from is an authority brand or not. An indicator of this would be the percentage of branded traffic a given website receives.  Semrush is a great tool to keep an eye on this and allows you to track progress.

Types of Pages

Typically, the links that are built into content pages will drive faster more positive results compared to  a commercial page.  The reason for this is because commercial pages generally target  less keywords which substantially lowers their chance for success. Also, it is important to keep in mind that Google gives preference to content pages.

Level of Competition in a Niche

Depending what niche you find yourself in link building can be very common in your practices or be the driving advantage.  For instance, in B2B link building is more common.  This of course along with quality content out put and branding can be the difference.  When it comes to B2C link building is not too common and can be the difference maker between you and your competition.

Monthly / Overall Link building Budget

When it comes down to budgeting for link building the average  cost per link across the industry can vary.  There are factors that play into the average cost such as how authoritative a site is.  One website with a domain rating of 50 and has organic traffic of 2,000 per month will not be the same as a website with a rating of 80 and monthly organic traffic of 100,000.  This leads price from link building websites to vary between each website.  To help with budgeting needs focusing on the right keywords will provide better results than trial and error.

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