How Long Does it Take to Rank on Google?

The main objective of SEO is for your business to be found quickly and easily on Google. Every business is looking to be on the first page of Google as the first search result people see. Ultimately, that will eventually be the outcome when you work on optimizing your website. However, the outcome is not immediate. It takes time for Google to recognize and put into account the work you have been putting into your website.

The conclusion? It depends. The general census seems to be six months to one year.

What to Consider

Considering there are over 200 ranking factors, it will take some time to build your website to obtain total optimization. A few important factors to keep in mind to increase your rank are:

  • Keywords: Keyword competition is intense. Newer sites might want to consider trying more niche, location-specific keywords, as established sites may be dominating more popular ones.
  • Content: Always ensure you are adding new, quality content to your website often. Google will notice duplicated content and lower your rank because of it.
  • Avoid poor SEO habits: Poor SEO practices (black-hat SEO) such as keyword stuffing, purchasing links, and copying content. You will reap the repercussions by dropping down in rank when Google catches on.

Check out our blog page for more information about good and bad SEO practices!

Other Factors

There are other rank factors other than the SEO practices themselves. Budget and competition can affect the time it takes for your rank to rise as well. How much you have to spend on SEO services, whether in-house or with help from an outside marketing firm, will contribute to how much you are able to do with your website in a certain amount of time.

If your business is not necessarily niche, you will probably run into heavy competition when it comes to keywords. Every business wants to be ranked first on Google for the most popular, relevant search. More established websites will have what can be considered “seniority”. They have proven to Google that they are a quality, well-trusted website. Newer websites have to put in work to gain that same trust, making it take a little while longer for a dramatic rank increase.


Time is on your side when it comes to improving your page rank on Google. It is essential that when you are first starting out, to solely focus on optimization itself, then think about results. If you are putting in quality, original content and avoiding poor SEO practices, the results will come in time, guaranteed. For further questions about Google page rank timelines, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing today!

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