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How Long Does It Take For A New Website To Be Seen On Google?

How Long Does It Take For A New Website To Be Seen On Google?

While it’s impossible to give an exact time frame for when you can expect your new website to be seen on search engines like Google, a few things can help speed up Google’s indexing process as a new website. Every website is different, and certain factors based on location, competition, etc., can better determine whether your website is found in weeks or months from the launch. Nobody can control Google and speed up the indexing process; instead, ensuring your SEO strategy is at the forefront of your business allows you to get the most out of search engines. Learn below a helpful checklist to minimize your wait time on being indexed and optimizing your online presence. 

How To Increase Your Google Visibility As A New Website

If you want to increase the time it takes for your new site to be visible on Google, look at this helpful checklist below!


When launching a new website, be sure that your robots,txt file is not blocking search engines from crawling the content you want search engines to index. This is an easy fix for your website/digital marketing company or for yourself to do that significantly impacts your website being found. This may be blocking important content on your website without you knowing, so check this out first. It could also be an option on a WordPress plugin that prevents your site from being found.

On-Page SEO

To show up on search engines like Google, be sure your on-page SEO is optimized. This includes everything on your website, from content, articles and blogs, meta descriptions and page titles, header tags, and more. This helps signal to Google that you have the keywords and search questions people are looking for, so be sure to include plenty of rich content and descriptions. 

Local SEO

Setting up local SEO by using free tools like Google Business Profile and Bing Places will allow you to take your local SEO strategy to the next level. It is important to show where you are located and the surrounding areas you want to target. After setting up your Google Business Profile, it may take a few weeks to show up organically on search engines like Google. Still, once you create and optimize the listing with the correct business info and services, you set your website up for success.


Backlinks are an essential part of SEO and a critical component of how you are found on search engines. Get Google’s attention by generating quality backlinks to your website. These include local citations and not spammy or unreliable websites. Listings such as your local Chamber of Commerce, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angies List, and more will allow you plenty of easy opportunities to get more traffic and signal to Google that your website is trustworthy. 

Analytics and Keyword Tools

Be sure to optimize free tools! Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other free keyword research tools will allow you to stay in the know of what users are searching for, how they are landing on your site, and how you can take your business to the next level. Integrating and connecting your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console allows you to get real, live data of those landing on your website and what they are searching for to get there. This will help you better understand your users and how they find you on search engines.

Get Found Quick With Boston Web Marketing

If you struggle to get found on search engines and want to take your online presence to the next level, contact our team. At Boston Web Marketing, we help businesses not only show up, but get found quicker. We implement SEO, paid advertising, and social media strategies to get users to your website and become reliable customers. Learn more about our SEO and digital marketing services, and contact us for an audit at 857-526-0096!


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