How Keyword Targeting Improves SEO

Targeting Keywords And Your SEO

There are numerous strategies you can take to increase traffic to your website. One crucial element that often goes unnoticed is keyword targeting. Traffic can be boosted by simply analyzing your industry’s keywords and implementing them into a growth plan. The first step to gaining traffic through keywords is to gather relevant data. Do your keyword research to see what users are typing into Google to search for your products or business. Try jotting down the 40 most popular keywords that have a high search volume.

How To Do Keyword Research

Take advantage of free online tools that allow you to view the keywords that customers use to find your website. Below are a few examples:

Next, prioritize your keywords. A quick way to do this is by determining keywords that your competitors are focusing on. Test out websites like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Open Site Explorer to gain a better insight on which keywords your competition is using to boost SEO.

What To Look Out For

Once you have done your keyword research it is then time to start implementing these keywords across your site, to increase its SEO value.  Be careful to not use any type of black hat SEO when optimizing your website! The Google Algorithm that most often deals with keywords is called “Penguin”. The penguin algorithm is google crawling your site to make sure you are not keyword stuffing or link farming. A common mistake the business owners make is keyword stuffing. Remember to be patient when it comes to watching your organic search results climb. As long as you are following the rules of SEO then you will see in increase in your organic search rankings over time.

How To Upkeep Your Keywords

If you have a seasonal business then you will notice a dramatic increase in traffic when you are out of your peak season. However, you can still keep your organic rankings up if you are using the correct keywords. To keep up with the trends please use the keyword tools that we have mentioned before. Then use these keywords and try to relate them back to your business and stay relevant! For example, if you have a snow blowing company and it is summertime you can write a service page on “How to prepare for Snow blowing in the Summer” Every keyword counts and content is always king.

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