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How is WordFence Keeping You Safe from Online Hacks

Have you ever encountered a situation where your website was hacked by a hacker? Fortunately, there is a WordPress Plugin called WordFence that will increase the security of your website. It is very easy to install and it has the ability to block IP address and build a firewall for your website.

What is WordFence?

Wordfence is a plugin that is free to install on your WordPress site in order to scan files that might be hacked and monitors any activities of your site’s visitors.  It adopts a freemium pricing strategy as you can only use some functions of the plugin when you use the free version. In this article, the free options are explored and explained.

How to Install the WordFence Plugin

Installing the plugin is very simple, step 1 is to log into the WordPress Dashboard and then add a new plugin under Plugins. Step 2 is search WordFence Plugin. The last step is to activate the plugin and go to the dashboard of the plugin on the left sidebar.

WordFence Free Functions

After installing your plugin, the first thing you will want to start is scanning your WordPress site. The scan will tell you important safety information such as any plugins on your site that needs to be updated or where there is a vulnerability on the site. Another function worth noting is viewing live traffic. You can monitor real-time traffic on your site and block IP addresses that look like spam or even hackers. The last function to point out is the plugin will automatically install a basic firewall in your website and it will be in learning mode. As time goes on, it continues to learn about your site so it becomes smarter and understands how to protect it.




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