How is RankBrain Changing Rankings?

Google announced that they are using their RankBrain machine learning system to process every query the search engine receives and a lot of queries are getting changes in rankings. Last year Google used RankBrain for less than 15% of queries but now it’s involved in every query and affects the actual rankings for a lot of queries.  Google has already told us that RankBrain is one of the most useful search ranking signals after links and content. Now, Google is so confident in RankBrain that it will help handle more than two trillion queries per year that the search engine handles.

It seems Google is using RankBrain as a query refining tool to better understand what each search is about.  Even people of Google have said they don’t quite understand why RankBrain does what it does but it is designed to reward great content and to focus on that.  Learn more about RankBrain and stay on the right path with SEO by contacting Boston Web Marketing; we can help get your website found!

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