How Internal Linking Can Improve SEO

While many people understand that links from other sites are an important signal for Google’s ranking algorithms. It’s also important to recognize the importance of internal linking and how this influences the way search engines will index a page.

One of the major influences is the navigation menu. For example, if all your pages link to your company profile page with an anchor text such as “About Us,” then it’s extremely likely for this page to come up in organic search results. Additionally, implement keywords into the menu of your website to show search engines that your pages are relevant.

Breadcrumbs also help search engines to categorize your pages. These provide users with a trail leading back to the main webpage. If you aren’t using breadcrumbs, try linking from one product page to the other. Be sure to use anchor texts that implement keywords to link from one page to another.

Consider passing authority to the category pages by linking between each category page. Generally, category pages rank higher in the navigation of a website rather than product pages. If you have a blog that is related to the product you are selling, link that page from the body text to the blog.

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