How Important Will Keyword Usage Be In 2022?

With 2021 coming to a close shortly, many digital marketers have wondered “are keywords still going to be important in 2022”? For the longest time, those involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  strategies have immersed their online content with keywords relating to their industry. Rankings are the name of the game when it comes to good SEO and keywords always play a significant part. Keywords should not go anywhere. When the calendar flips to 2022, yes, keywords will still be imperative to SEO.

How Keywords Will Still Be A Factor in 2022

Despite, Googles algorithms changing a handful of times throughout the year, your keywords will still factor into the results you net from users. Using keywords across your website and on content will still be a huge factor because users are not going to stop searching with keywords hoping to find what they want. Implementing and using keywords related to your respective industry will help the average position of your website on a particular search engine result page.

Keywords Will Boost Overall Website Traffic

Now that your keywords helped land your page or pages on a search query, the next step is the user following through and clicking on one of the links. It does not take rocket science to conclude most users usually click on of the links on the first search engine result page. Hardly do users ever go beyond the 5th link on a search engine result page, let alone the second page. This means that keyword usage should not be deemphasized.

Keywords Are Essential With Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Results on a search engine result page will show the link of a related website in the form of a page title. It will be followed by a shorts snippet underneath known as the meta description. Incorporating keywords with page titles and meta descriptions should always be taken seriously, but never be overdone. Describe the content the best you can, without keyword-stuffing. Keyword stuffing can undermine all your hard work digitally and is a “Black-Hat” SEO tactic.

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