How Important is URL Optimization?

Coming up with an effective SEO strategy is much easier said than done. There are plenty of website factors that play a significant role in getting found on search. Page titles, meta descriptions, and keywords are vital points to touch on, but there’s another feature of a search engine result that you should take a look at: your URLs! While this is a factor that could easily be overlooked, its importance cannot be stressed enough. But, just how important is URL optimization? We break it down for you below!

It Helps With User & Bot Understanding

Like your page titles and meta descriptions, think of your website’s URL as a sort of advertisement. It’ll give people their first impression of your services, and could be the difference between someone clicking on your link and continuing to scroll. Your audience shouldn’t be the only thing you’re trying to impress; it also helps the search engines out! URLs that are properly optimized will tell Google what exactly the page is trying to promote. If your URL is a bunch of random characters or irrelevant to the page, you could be missing out on valuable rankings!

It Can Utilize Keywords

While it’s only a small ranking factor for SEO, the little things add up quickly! Since a proper URL will be able to tell a search engine what is on the page, it can be helpful to use to rank for keywords. Only do this if it’s the main topic of the page! You shouldn’t be stuffing URLs with random keywords, either. If they’re relevant to the page, however, it can give your website a slight boost in the rankings. Every little bit helps!

The Cleaner, The Better

If you know of an older website that hasn’t been updated in a while, take some time to login. What do you notice about the URLs? They’re generally filled with random, mixed case characters that make the URL look like alphabet soup. Now, ask yourself: which URL would you rather click on; an alphabet soup one or an optimized one? You should say the optimized one! People will be less likely to click on your links if they’re mixed-case or generally unorganized. The cleaner you can make your URLs, the better off you’ll be.

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