How Important is Structured Data for SEO?

In spite of it being in the checklist of SEO’s best practices, it’s often underestimated just how drastically the structured data can affect your website’s rankings. This signal helps Google crawlers understand your content better and determine your position in SERPs more accurately. However, schema markup is more than just an SEO strategy. Catering to machine learning algorithms, structured data is the basis for the search bots to understand how your information is defined and used.

What can we use structured data for?

Schema markup has been around for several years now, but only now is it becoming widely utilized. More and more people tested the effectiveness of the tool and concluded that it does increase the CTR and conversions. Google initiated some case studies, highlighting examples of the schema for some large brands. The offered features are growing, as well, starting from basic contact information to adding fields like jobs, recipes, restaurants, and much more. In addition to benefiting onsite search or enhancing analytics, structured data can tie to chatbots, virtual assistants, home speakers, and catering to voice queries.


What are the benefits of using schema markup?

Higher CTR

Featured snippets are the ultimate achievement in terms of rankings. Fairly, the most sought-after spot in the SERPs, a featured rich snippet is a great opportunity to highlight details about a product, show reviews, answer common questions and ultimately, drive traffic. Regular rich snippets are a great opportunity to lure in site visitors. This, in turn, increases the click-through rate.

More Conversions

Rich snippets can become a turning point in the consumer purchase funnel. Positive feedback and price preview can significantly affect the buying decision, which would ultimately generate more leads. Not only does it work great for e-commerce websites, but the job listing sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter can also benefit from the exponentially higher exposure of their announcements. Google Jobs has been integrated with structured data in order to show up in relevant queries.

Voice Search Friendliness

Earlier we talked about featured snippets and their crucial importance. It’s becoming a more thought-after element since the voice search results are pulled from featured snippets. This means you can be the only result for a voice query because Google uses those results for verbal answers.


Considering how powerful structured data may be, make sure not to abuse it. If you become spammy with highlighting, Google might impose a manual action on your website. In conclusion, do not ignore this tool: keep learning and advancing your SEO skills considering how increasingly competitive the organic search has become.

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