How Important is Site Speed in 2015?

In 2010, Google incorporated load times into it’s algorithm for search.  You can read about it in our previous article about how site speed affects SEO. It’s now 2015, so is it still important?  The answer is yes! Site speed may be even more important than it was back then. Technology is getting better and better and the average user is getting more and more impatient. We want instant load times and anything more than a couple seconds will annoy users.  We’ve come a long way since 56k dial up modems!  The bottom line is site speed improves the user’s experience and sites that provide the best user experience will be favored.

Google has been experimenting with slow labels in search results which proves site speed is still incredibly important. If these labels do become a norm, sites that are deemed slow will see a huge decrease in traffic.  Anything labeled slow will be avoided.

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