How Important is My Domain Name for SEO?

Choosing a domain name for your business is extremely important, regardless of the industry. Each business should have a domain name that is both memorable and relevant. Keep into consideration the length of your domain because customers prefer a URL that is simple and easy to type. Your chosen domain name will either have major drawbacks or a positive influence on your SEO.

Incorporate Keywords

Before purchasing a domain, sit down and come up with keywords relevant to your business. If you are trying to rank for, “running shoes,” consider different variations of this product. Make sure to select a domain that is unique; if it is confused with other brands, you’ll ultimately be sending traffic to your competitors. Avoid  using domains with hyphens, misspellings or plurals.

Create an Expectation

A majority of people will not read past the headline, so make sure your domain name sends a message and holds value. Approach the domain name as you would a headline title by hooking in the reader. Use words that discuss exactly what your company does. For example, no one would know what does without their global reputation.

Avoid Using Numbers

Sometimes domain names are unavailable, so business owners will resort to utilizing numbers. Using numbers to replace “to” and “for” will surely confuse your customers. If a potential customer has to search several times for your website, they’ll most likely move on. Additionally, don’t use hyphens in your domain because this will lead to misspelling problems and send visitors elsewhere.

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