How Important is Mobile Device Targeting?

While mobile search continues to increase, more businesses are beginning to focus on a marketing strategy that targets mobile activity. On a global scale, mobile users actually exceed desktop users. This means that there is a larger opportunity to generate business value from effective mobile marketing. Marketers are now changing their approach and will continue to build momentum through the upcoming years.

In 2015, 51% of people browsed the internet from their phones and we can expect to see this number grow in 2016. Marketers are now considering the amount of time people are browsing the web on their phones – walking to work, on the train, lunch breaks, etc.- and using this to shape their marketing approach.

Since the amount of the time spent browsing the web on a mobile device has increased, ad spend has become disproportionately lower. That being said, there is considerable time between consumer technology usage and marketing spend. This will ultimately change as 2016 moves along. New entry into mobile advertising may not be option, but we can always maximize this channel for new opportunities.

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