How Important Is Mobile Accessibility on Your Website?

When it comes to designing your website, you’ll want to make it look as pristine and professional as possible. Putting a lot of thought and effort into your website’s design will go a long way to accomplishing that goal. However, there’s an important component you may be overlooking in the process; mobile accessibility! While it’s commonplace to revolve your design around how your website looks on a computer, accessibility on mobile devices is just as important. But, why is this the case? We break down the most important reasons below!

It’s an ADA Issue

One of the most crucial things you can account for in website design is accessibility. While it isn’t a ranking factor for search engines, it can very quickly turn into a legal issue! Part of the ADA outlines how websites should be accessible for everybody, and this includes making your websites mobile-friendly. All of the elements on your website should appear in a pristine and legible manner on the page. If people can’t see your content, you could be in violation of the ADA!

It’s The Biggest Driver of Traffic

Did you know that mobile browsing has actually surpassed desktop browsing? For the past several years, the percentage of people who browse U.S.-based websites on mobile devices was higher than those that browse on a computer. So, when people come to view your website and your business’s services, they’ll likely be doing it from a mobile device! If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, they’ll likely click off of it. Making your website mobile-friendly will give you the most traffic.


It should go without saying that mobile is the biggest driver of website traffic contributes heavily to the conversions your website gets. You should make your website accessible enough that following through with a conversion should be easy! For example, if you have your business’s phone number displayed on your website, clicking it should pull up the option to call it right from your phone. Not only does mobile accessibility make converting on your website easy, but it can also drive that number up.

SEO at Boston Web Marketing

Accessibility is a big part of SEO, and it’s one of the many services that Boston Web Marketing offers to improve your strategy! We’ll formulate a personalized strategy for your business to take it to the top of the search result rankings. To learn more about what we can do for your business, click here to contact us directly!

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