How Important Is An Updated Website?

When it comes to keeping your brand relevant and trustworthy, it is important to have a website that is updated. This is especially due to the fact that people think less of a brand if the brand does not have an updated website.  While crafting your company’s website, you will want to make sure you have a properly functioning search feature as searching within websites has gone up over the years. In fact, based on the same survey, 40% of respondents say that the search box is the most important feature on a website. With the age of instant gratification becoming more of normality,  it makes sense as to why this once overlooked feature has grown to such importance. When crafting a website, you will want to make sure that you include functions that your audience will relish so that they are intrigued to come back to your website in the future.

What Do Customers Want From A Website?

As with any website, one of the most important things you need to think of when crafting is that your website should be easy to use. This is backed by a survey done where 43% of people ranked ease of use as a top priority in making their overall online experience better. For websites that offer shopping functionalities, you will want to include reviews and photos as 50% of people said websites with reviews and photos helped them shop with confidence. In addition to those, if a website follows up with a potential customer about a product they left in their shopping cart, they will be favored by your audience over those that don’t follow up. If a business or firm is big enough, you will want to create your own app as 74% of people said they would download their favorite brand’s app.

Do Customers Care About Privacy?

While a few years ago privacy on a website may have been something that was brushed off, it is a completely different story in today’s climate. Ever since the big story with Facebook and their data breach, privacy and user data has been very important when it comes to users and business websites. It is the reason why Google and every other company sent an email talking about updated privacy policies so their users feel safe. When surveyed, people said they do not mind that website’s store their personal data as long as it makes their user experience better but did warn they do not want the data going into the wrong hands.

Are Ads Good To Have?

Blue Fountain Media, that conducted the surveys mentioned previously, asked audiences about websites that use ads. Their results showed that most respondents feel negative about ads appearing based on browser history and device activity. However, if the ads are relevant to their interests then they do not mind the ads and appreciate the convenience. While adding ads is a great way to increase profits of a website, you will need to be wary about using user data, especially after the Facebook scandal. While this survey was mostly for social media feeds, it is something to keep in mind when building a website and if you are thinking of incorporating ads to it. If you are, be sure that the ads are not the focal point of the website and bombard users.

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