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How Important Are Local Listing Citations For SEO?

If you’re familiar with everything it takes to have a good SEO strategy, you’ll likely know that there are a LOT of moving parts! It’s important to get a handle on these little things in order to maximize your business’s chances of success. There are plenty of details that can fly under the radar when constructing your business’s SEO strategy, and one such detail is submitting local listing citations. While it’s a short task, it has a lot more importance to your strategy than you might think! We showcase how local listings can benefit your business’s SEO below!

Listings As A Ranking Factor

Anyone that knows Google’s algorithms realizes that there are a wide variety of measuring factors that are used to make a search engine results page. Believe it or not, local listings are one of them! There are a few things that play into this; the main one is that local listing citations will contain a link to your website more often than not, which counts as a quality backlink for your website. Depending on how trustworthy the local listing website is, Google will be more likely to trust your website if it also trusts the citation websites.

Referral Traffic

Traffic to your website can take many different forms. When you access your website through means of Google Search, it means that you’ve found the website organically and it counts as organic traffic. This is where referral traffic comes in, as this type of traffic means that you were referred to the website through another means. This can mean a backlink from another website or a local listing citation. Regardless, local listing citations give another means for your business to get found. Some people choose local listings before trusting Google, making them even more valuable for obtaining traffic!

Building Trust

Amongst all of Google’s algorithms that they use to create search engine results pages, there’s one quality that seems to pop up more than the rest: trustworthiness. There are plenty of means to build trust between your website and Google, and citations are an important part of that process. Google tends to view a good portion of local listing sites as trustworthy, which causes them to take up a lot of page one results. Having your business listed on these websites is a good way to build trust, and it can even help your business get found on the first page for the citation website!

SEO With Boston Web Marketing

A good SEO strategy has a lot of important pieces to juggle. At Boston Web Marketing, we can help your business get a grip on all of them for the best possible results and the conversions you need! To ramp up your business and rank well on Google, click here to contact us directly!

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