How Graphic Design Impacts Search Rankings

Did you know that improving the graphic design on your website can help improve your search engine result rankings? A quality graphic design that is well thought out, is of proper size, and flows well within your site can significantly improve your SEO efforts. If you want to improve your SEO strategy, look at your graphic design layout, images, and theme on your website, as it may be outdated and time for a refresh. However, with the proper tools, team, and skills, you can expand your graphic design abilities and improve your SEO. To learn more about how graphic design can improve your search rankings, the digital marketing experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our top tips and best practices to help you explore your graphic design and SEO strategies.


What Are The SEO Benefits Of Improving My Graphic Design?


It Enhances the User Experience

Graphic design and visual content, such as images, videos, graphics, and other visual components, are crucial to a successful user experience. When potential customers or users visit your site, they first look at whether your content is visually appealing. If your visuals are not appealing to the eye or pose navigation difficulties, the potential customer may leave quickly. To improve your user experience, choose graphics and visuals that convey vital information quickly and effectively, cleanly, and professionally.


It Can Reduce Bounce Rates

When a user leaves quickly after arriving at your site, your SEO is negatively affected as it increases your bounce rate. If you are experiencing an increase in bounce rate, consider updating your visuals. Use graphic design to capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to stay on your site longer, improving your bounce rate.


What Are Strategies I Can Utilize To Improve Graphics For My Website?

When redoing or updating the graphic design visuals on your website, you will want to maintain a consistent design across all aspects of your site. This consistency includes using a cohesive color scheme, typography, and overall style. In addition, you will also want to make sure that your graphics are compatible with mobile devices and adapt to varying screen sizes. If you have more questions regarding improving your graphic design and increasing your SEO efforts, contact Boston Web Marketing today!


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