How Google’s Mobile Travel Search Results Affecting Web Results

Are you planning on doing any research on traveling or vacationing? Then you may be surprised by Google’s new travel search experience on mobile searches. Also, you may be wondering, where did all of the web-based search results go?

Recently, Google has changed the mobile user interface for travel-related searches. The biggest difference is the option for “more destinations” and the result is the lack of space for organic web results once the user chooses the “more destinations” option.

Here is an example of a mobile search for “Where to go in New York”

New York City

The search results will include a couple of destinations that pertain to your search query followed by a blue arrow that will lead the user to more search results. Clicking on the arrow will lead to additional related destinations. Once choosing the option of “more destinations” there is no way for users to return to the original search results.

There is also additional options to filter through results by dates, interests, or prices.

filter images

Click on the destination option and the user will be sent to a mobile knowledge graph card for the destination.

where to go in new york

The new travel search user experience is fantastic for any user who is researching for future travel plans and destination options, but for search engine optimization purposes, optimizing for travel search might not agree with the new menu options because of how much screen real-estate the new menu option is taking up.

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