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How Google Lighthouse Will Improve SEO

You may have heard about Google looking for ways to improve page speed, user-friendliness, and other tactics that would make searching on the internet a better overall experience. If you have a business website that could use some improvement when it comes to SEO, or you’re just learning about how to improve a website in general, continue reading to learn more about Google Lighthouse.

How it Works

Google Lighthouse was created in order to test web pages for web performance bottlenecks, accessibility issues, as well as identifying SEO opportunities. One of the greatest reasons why this can improve SEO is because it has the ability to test progressive web applications for compliance with standards and best practices in SEO. Google Lighthouse is considered to be an open-source tool. That means it will automatically run insights on web pages. Since it is an open-source if there are any changes to be made it will eventually work its way into a third-party tool. If you’re looking to use Google Lighthouse, you will be able to find it in the Chrome Dev Tools suite within your Chrome browser. 

The Newest Update

In it’s newest update, the 8.3.0, Google Lighthouse will incorporate bug fixes and incremental improvements. One of the greatest takeaways is that it will be taking the initiative to measure what happens after a web page loads, rather than the lead up to it. This new update is being referred to as “Project Fraggle Rock”. It’s overall objective is to go further than analyzing one specific web page, and continuing on the expansion to analyze user flow. In simpler terms, Google will be focusing more strongly on what happens after a user clicks a button or navigates to a contact form, and so forth. This update will allow Google Lighthouse to understand the insights on page speed, user activity, and more.

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