How Google is Keeping Fake Listings Off Google Maps

Google allows millions of business owners regardless of small or big to create listings and shares important business information using Google My Business. However, there is an unlimited number of fake listings posted on Google every single day and it could be tough to crack down on the fake listings. As a result, Google has teamed up with the University of California to improve local search results. By teaming up, the number of fake listings decreased by 70% compared to its peak in June 2015.

Most Common Industries of Fake Listings

According to Google, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians and other contractors make up the most common industries of fake listings. As Google consistently scan and disable these listings across the web, the spams would create more listings.

4 Ways on How Google is Keeping Fake Listings Off Google Maps

  • Disabling bulk registrations at most addresses
  • Verification is required after relocating a great distance from the original location
  • Indexing and purposely ignoring mangled text in the address fields that confuse Google’s algorithms
  • Educating anti-spam machine learning systems to find data discrepancies common to fake or deceptive listings

As a result, less than 0.5% of local searches lead to artificial listings now because 85% of fake listings can be detected before going public.


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