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How Google Is Getting Easier For Small Businesses To Use

Google is already being used by everybody. From their search engine to their office tools to their wide array of web services, you would be hard pressed to find any business that doesn’t have Google involved in it’s operation.

That being said, the integration between Google and small businesses are only set to increase with the arrival of their new website, Google for Small Business.

What is Google For Small Business?


This is a new site that is essentially helps smaller business owners who are less tech-savvy with getting into the Google ecosystem. It includes “personalized plans” that are based off of a series of prompt questions that Google will ask you at the setup of your account. Some of the questions include whether your business is online, offline, or a hybrid of the two, as well as your goal for adding an online facet to your business, whether it is to stand out from a marketing perspective, reach more customers, or improve your work efficiency. In short, it eliminates confusion for several kinds of businesses who’s owners are not as versed in this tech community.

From there, it proposes a series of recommendations as to what products and services you should use. The offerings is a mix of free and paid solutions, such as setting up a Google My Business, taking G Suite for a trial, or creating a Youtube channel. It continues to assist an owner with their education in Google services through offering Grow with Google workshops that educate small businesses about it’s products and how to use them.

What Does This Mean For You?


While Google has done well in the past with medium-to-large business solutions, penetration into the small business market has always been a struggle for them. Many owners in this category aren’t as tech savvy and up-to-date with modern day online marketing and business management solutions. As a result, their products can appear to be somewhat intimidating, and can be difficult for someone to understand how this would help them. This is Google’s attempt to make their products much more approachable to small businesses, giving them the chance to catch up to this increasingly digital era that consumers are now living in.

Despite this easy to approach facade, many of the products function the same, continually poising a challenge for anyone who hasn’t used this before. Tools like Google Ads and Analytics continue to have a major learning curve, and concepts like SEO and SEM still pose a major challenge for most to understand. Because of this, there are still numerous barriers for businesses to cross in order to truly benefit from being online, meaning that the transition won’t be so seamless for everyone.

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