How Google+ Communities Improve SEO

The job of a search engine marketer or SEO specialist is indeed a tough one. The pinnacle of SEO success is achieving the number one spot on Google’s search results. From business standpoint top results mean more exposure, traffic, interaction, leads, sales, loyal customers, and revenue all of which lead to a higher ROI. But with hundreds of ranking factors, penalties, and changing algorithms between you and the top spot, what can you do to conquer Google’s SEO obstacles?


The answer may be social engagement on Google+. In a recent experiment held by ITBusiness, a month old article was resurfaced and promoted on Google+ twice in the course of five days. Originally holding the #10 position on the first page, the article climbed 7 spots in the course of two weeks thanks to, results suggest, this leap in engagement.


Key Takeaways

Timing is everything! Experiment with posting on different days and times with different content to see what is best for engagement with your community.

Choose your community wisely. Make sure to post to a large, engaged community that will connect to your content and messaging. That is even better than posting from your business page (especially if you have few followers).

Pay Attention to Google+. Many marketers make the mistake of ignoring Google+ for larger social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Google+ has a lot of SEO value so utilize it just like any other platform.

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