How Frequently Should a Company Be Posting to Its Blog?

As you lay out your company’s editorial objectives and plan for the month ahead, you will likely be thinking about the topics you want to cover. However, there is another aspect to be keenly aware of – the frequency with which the website’s blog is updated. This can be determined by your monthly traffic and leads goals and your blog’s audience.
In a recent study, HubSpot polled its nearly 14,000 customers in order to gain some insight into the blog frequency question. What the company found was the more often a company posted to its blog, the more traffic it saw in return. Companies that published 16 or more blog posts each month got almost four times the amount of traffic than companies that posted less than four times per month.
Overall traffic was not the only aspect affected by blog posting as well. According to the HubSpot survey, companies with 16 or more blog entries each month generated nearly five times the leads than those businesses with less than four blog posts. This means writing and updating a company’s blog is well worth the time invested, as it results in a greater number of potential sales.
One interesting aspect of the HubSpot results was the company found that blog posts continue doing work for a business long after they have been published. When valuable and relevant content is produced, people will come across these old entries on social media, in searches and through backlinks from other websites. The more you publish, the more older content is out there to be discovered, leading to more traffic and sales leads over time.
Companies that make the commitment to producing high-quality content over time tend to get the highest reward in the form of website traffic and leads. These results will continue to pay off over time, which is why blogging is such an essential part of every company’s marketing strategy.

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