How Feedback Optimization can Improve Your Content Strategy

If you are looking for other ways to improve your content strategy, consider feedback optimization. Feedback optimization is a process of using your reader’s comments to improve your content. How? well, according to a case study: UGC (user-generated content) helped a nonprofit increase their organic traffic by 200+% in 12 months, by publishing more informational articles. Continue reading to learn more about how to get started.

Here’s to start feedback optimization

  1. Add a call to action. A simple strategy to add at the end of your article is to include a comment CTA to encourage users to engage with your content. An example could be “What are your thoughts about the topic, we’d love to know!” or “Do you have any other suggestions, please share!” 
  2. Promote the article. Share the content through email or social media to engage with a wider audience. A cross-channel promotion can flicker many comments who are already involved with your brand or company’s platform. 
  3. Analyze the comments. When reading through the comments on the site and social media, take note and pay attention to how relevant and useful your user’s feedback as this is a great opportunity to generate more content ideas. 
  4. Update the article. Keep in mind, the objective of the content is to be tailored towards your users. Don’t forget to share and highlight the content based on the feedback so it indicates the brand/business listens to their audience. 
  5. Analyze the content data for 3-6 months. To stay on top of the game, check back on the comments of the top content pieces and continue publishing new blog ideas. Now, you will have short term and long term content strategies to work on. 

How do I gain more comments? Try these tips

  1. Competitor analysis. If you are not seeing as much or any comments within your content, consider looking at your competitors’ are doing, what type of keywords are they using, and how you can implement them to your relevant content. 
  2. Ask your audience. If it applies to your brand/business, asking your audience can be a great way to kick off some content ideas or focus on a smaller (selective) group and see if there are any ideas you can piggyback on. 
  3. Google Search Console. A great way to get the data behind your content is by using GSC to see what searchers are looking for and seeing if they are finding you for topics

We hope business/brands find this article useful in improving your content strategy. Were there other content engagement tips that worked for you? Let us know! If you’re looking for an SEO agency to improve your search visibility and engagement, please get in touch with us for a free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.

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